Project Update 
Online Professional Learning Course for Teachers!

The Magnetar Capital UChicago Financial Education Initiative recently debuted one of its first major new products: an Online Professional Learning Course for financial literacy teachers! The course offers five modules on key financial content...

Teacher Spotlight
Ms. Redmond

 "I love teaching this curriculum because it equips students for making real-life decisions and educates them on managing finances in life."

Ms. Redmond
Roger C. Sullivan High School

What We Are Reading
The Five Life Decisions

Are you ready for the future?

Will you go to college? Will you pick a life-partner, and if so, who will it be? Are you going to buy a house? How will you care for your health? Will you have children?

These are some of life’s biggest decisions.

Life after Magnetar Academy

"Financial literacy should be addressed at an early age. It’s about learning basic financial principles when you start working that part time job, so that when you have a career and stable income..."

Lily Martinez  

Learn as if you're going to live forever!

"There are no shortcuts to success. Find a coach, mentor, or sponsor who is a successful professional and cultivate a meaningful relationship with them. Rinse and repeat. Your network will influence your degree of success."

Darryl Rodgers               

Magnetar Academy Team Challenge

Chicago's Soldier Field was brimming with competition and excitement on Saturday, March 18th, as the fifth annual Magnetar Academy Team Challenge brought together approximately 375 local high school students for a stock trading competition.

Want to help Chicago teens?

Teach them finance.

Magnetar Capital founder & CEO Alec Litowitz discusses financial literacy in Crain’s Chicago Business.  

Do you know some future leaders of Chicago?

Each year Future Leaders of Chicago accepts 30 students to participate in a week long leadership program at the University of Chicago. The students come from all walks of life from all over the Chicago area, but each student has demonstrated the potential to be a leader in some special way.

Calling on children of Chicago teachers!

In recognition of the important work of educators and in honor of their service to the city of Chicago, the University of Chicago is launching the Chicago Public Schools Educators Award Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship to attend UChicago for children of educators in the Chicago Public Schools.

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